E-mail Address Error

  • 19 July 2017
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I've recently ran into a annoying issue.  I hope someone out here in Nintex land can shine a light on it.

I am selecting a e-mail address

It places it in the from field

I click save

When I go back into the request it displays only numbers in the from field.

Please see the attachments, what causes this?  I have not had this issue any other time.



5 replies

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Alright so this is what I see.  When I look at an existing workflow when I hover over the e-mail address in the from field I see: ad/suyva. 

On a newly created workflow using the same e-mail address in the from field I see:


Does anyone know what I have to do to correct this and get the ad/suyva back?

Thanks - Suzanne

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I have had this - it's turned it into a claim.  Does it still send to the recipient?

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It is a workflow that I am still creating I have not validated it to see if works or not. 

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No, it doesn't send the recipient.

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Opened a ticket, this is an active directory issue not a Nintex issue.

Thanks - Suzanne