Create a table in Nintex Form?

  • 2 May 2023
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I need to create a table in Nintex Form with an easy calculation of multiplication when a user enters a field.

Can you please help in how to create a table in Nintex and add calculation. Below is the table:

If the user can enter number of hours and the Total dollar value and hours can be calculated in the table.


Role hours  rate   total 
Product Managers 4 $145.00 $580.00
Product Owners 5 $70.00 $350.00
Scrum Master 2 $40.00 $80.00
Business Analyst 6 $98.00 $588.00
IT Clinical Engineering  0 $90.00 $0.00
Quality Assurance 3 $22.00 $66.00
IT Engineering 200 $90.00 $18,000.00
Warranty support 2 $98.00 $196.00

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5 replies

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Which version of Nintex Forms are you using? Which form designer (NAC, New Responsive, Responsive or Classic) are you using?

Here is some information that might be helpful to get you started:

Nintex Workflow Cloud: Repeating Sections with Row Calculation | Community

How to create a running total from a repeating section in Nintex Forms (Office365 or NWC) - YouTube


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Hi @Herleen 
Did this solve your issue? 

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Have you tried using Form Plugins? There is this plugin available in the gallery which will allow you to build the mentioned view -


Hope this helps.

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@Jake Any chance you can help to enable search on the grid for this plugin?

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@SeeDee There are a couple plugins currently in the works that perform different actions, There is one being developed that I believe contains a search.