Nintex Workflow Cloud: Repeating Sections with Row Calculation

  • 8 December 2020
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Repeating sections are a critical and heavily used piece of functionality in Nintex O365 forms which allow users to solve a wide range of problems. These problems involve building up lists of data for use cases ranging from inventory lists, incident reports right through to expense forms. Repeating sections are the most heavily requested feature for Nintex Workflow Cloud on UserVoice, and I'm happy to announce you can now use them in NWC. Not only that, but they come with some awesome new functionality - row calculation.


It's clear from customer feedback that users need a reliable way of performing row based calculation relating to items, e.g. line total​, to help inform form participants and capture relevant data. By adding the "current row" concept to our repeating sections object - we have allowed to do this quickly, as well as still provide the existing collections of controls for other use cases. e.g. adding up the items in a column.


See the example below where "Line Items" is a repeating section containing three fields, "Quantity", "Price", and "Line Total".



We have provided two ways of inserting row calculations in NWC: using a variable in label control or setting the value of a control via a rule. 

Inserting a variable into a label:




Using a rule:




Please note that the use of "Current Row" will be restricted to within its respective repeating section and warnings will be provided if it is used outside it.


There have also been some updates to the variable panel in forms providing an improved look and feel, and a better user experience. These changes will bring forms more inline with workflow in our effort to create a more unified consistent experience across our products, and enable easier identification and navigation through object variables.




Please check out our short video with a more detailed explanation and scenarios explaining this new functionality

12 replies

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I like the repeating section in NWC.  First, need detail instructions on how to grand total the rows.  I tried and I can not seem to grab the total for each line total.  Setting up line totals was straight forward.


Second, how do you tag a word document using the repeating section?  I do not see the tags being generated in the Document Tagger.  I need to get the inputs onto a document.


Please advise, thanks

thats great, but same question as Russ how would you doc gen that repeating table into a word document or pdf

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I'm also interested if there is a way to populate a repeating section on the form if I can populate the underlying repeating section collection. 

@Russ_G If you check out the attached video it hopefully will explain how to do the grand total 🙂


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Hi Robbie, 


I did watch that video, like 10x.  I noticed the grand total was not in the line item repeating group.  It was separate.  So I copied the same approach and when I went to use the sum(line item price x qty) formula, the error message was telling me I need to be in the line item group.  So I moved the formula there and it only totaled each line in the group.  Not the Grand total I wanted.  I am wondering if there is a small step I am missing.  If you know, please advise, all help is appreciated.  Also, super thanks for sending me the video, I did watch it and it was very helpful.

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I had some issues with this,but if you pause the video and watch the grand total section, there is a 'value' for the variable he created. It's for sure outside the repeating section.  Try this:

  1. Create a label 

  2. Create a variable from within the label

  3. Create a the grand total variable

  4. Then use the Sum function in the variable definition and when you click on the repeating section object and the integer/decimal value, BUT is has to be the current item

That's it.  One thing I was having problems with is that the first time I did this when I got to the repeating object line item value I kept trying to sum, the 'insert' button never popped up.  I'm not sure what I did exactly, maybe click back or click on a different element OR maybe just waited long enough for the logic that validates caught up and allowed me to do this.


here is what mine looks like below.  The 'Repeating Price' is the value that I selected on 'Current Line Item'.  DO NOT select it from the Collection which should be one layer up.  Hope this helps.


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got it, worked, thanks so much.  for those reading this post, there are two youtube videos on this item.  both are very good




both videos and the instructions above were very helpful

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This is great! Is there a way yet to display this repeating section data in a 365 form once saved to SharePoint?

Or will we need to wait for the repeating section updates to be released for the 365 forms (row calculations, 'current row' etc)?


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I'd also be keen to know how to save results (to a database) from a repeating section. The elements don't seem to be visible from the workflow at all.

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Both videos are about adding calculations, but what about using the repeater data with Doc Gen? The example I am trying to figure out right now is a job application, the repeater data is job history. I'd like to make a nice, neat table on the pdf after all of the other information, but I can't figure out how to parse it.

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Is there a way to have the "add new row" button and the new repeating row added to the top instead of the bottom? 

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Never mind the question I originally asked, I figured it out 10 minutes later. But where is "delete comment"?