App.config file for WCF in K2?

  • 20 February 2012
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    I added a reference to a WCF service via a classlibrary to a K2 project, there ia an app.config file created in the class library, but i'm getting error during runtime saying there is no endpoint declared.

I tried the same with a console application and class library I got he same error, i just copied the contents of the appconfig to the console application and everything worked fine!

But, i was unable to ass an app.config file to the K2 project. someone please tell me where to place the config values to the WCF service.



3 replies

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Hi ,

You should add  the webservice directly using the reference option, and add the URL and internally it will take care of the endpoint.



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"K2HostServer.config" file in the "C:Program FilesK2 blackpearlHost ServerBin" Directory. you should first stop the "K2 blackpearl Server" service in the services console, then put your configurations at the "K2HostServer.config" file and save it then restart the "K2 blackpearl Server" service. you will find that if you added connectionstrings they will be encrypted.

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Thanks, It's working now.