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Putting you in the fast lane

By now, you're aware that one of the best reasons to use the Nintex platform is to save time and automate processes, but...

…what if the awesome people at Nintex discovered a revolutionary way to make that process even faster?

Introducing Nintex Xchange – the fast lane for creating and sharing solutions built on the Nintex platform.

So what's Xchange?

Nintex Xchange is your centralized location of pre-built solution templates and guidelines that allows you to stay updated and informed about the latest innovations on Nintex, and get your team members to leverage the Nintex ecosystem to its fullest.  That alone should get you excited, because that means you can leverage insight and knowledge from people like me and more than 9,000 users who are trying to do the same things you are. 

Oh yea, now pause for effect!  You can also check out this great post that shares a behind the scenes into Xchange.

Earlier, I mentioned the fast lane and with the assets found in Xchange, you are guaranteed to get your solutions up and running in no time. 

NOTE: The assets you'll find include User Defined Actions, custom code samples (CSS, JavaScript, and PowerShell), workflow templates and form templates.

How exactly does Xchange make workflow building faster?

Simple, my dear Watson.

Because these assets are built using Nintex, you can enjoy the luxury of downloading and using them right inside your environment. Whether that is SharePoint Server, Office 365 or Salesforce, we have assets that help you maximize automation in just a few clicks.

To show you just how simple it is, I’ve summarized it in three simple steps and added this wonderful graphic to illustrate them:How to 2.png

Step 1: Find the asset

Filter the list to find the asset you want.

Step 2: View and download the asset

We’ve made it easy to find all the information you need about the asset in one place. Just grab the import file from the asset profile page and you’re on your way.

Step 3: Use it and share your experience

This step goes a long way toward making Xchange a useful resource. After using the asset, share your experience via comments, ratings and likes. This does two huge things: it helps the author know what worked and didn’t work, and it helps others know how to use the asset. Thanks in advance for helping make Xchange assets better.

Does Xchange cost?

Well… since you’ve mentioned it. I’m kidding, but as the saying goes, you don’t get something for nothing.

Xchange is free to use; however, if you want the most from it, create an account on Nintex Connect to access all the features.

Also, Xchange is only as good as everyone who contributes to it. This means not only finding and using those free assets, but reviewing, collaborating and helping others get work done fast.

See, the fast lane is there again and while I can’t guarantee that all your problems will be solved, I do know from personal experience that if you find an asset in Xchange and use it, it could drastically cut down on trying to build that same functionality yourself. I mean, would you really want to sit down and reinvent the wheel some thousands of years later? I hope not.

Think of the assets as building blocks that can be configured and customized. It truly does saves you time in creating solutions for your workplace. I'm banking on Xchange to transform the culture of innovation that goes beyond the Nintex Connect community to your workplace.

So get into the workflow fast lane. Visit Xchange - click to visit.

Much thanks to Frank Field​​ and Tammy Batey ​for helping with this blog.

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