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KISS: Keep It Simple [Insert another approriate word starting with S here]

Hi all,

This month Em has asked us to submit some Forms examples and I've seen some awesome submissions.  Mine is different to the others in that it only uses about 5% of the power of Nintex Forms.  However, what I've been able to achieve with that has made a significant difference to the way that we operate.

I'll point out a few of these things as we go through each of the screenshots.  The first thing that I'd like to highlight is a form by itself is great but the real power comes when you couple it with a workflow.  If you think you just need a form and you're done, then I'd challenge that and ask you what are you going to do with the data that you collect?  Very rarely will you collect it and do nothing.

My example is the classic expense claim form.  It's available to any Provoke employee:

Expense desktop.PNG

It's a nice clean form with a few fields to fill in.  We previously would have implemented this using OOTB SharePoint features except with NIntex Forms, we were quickly able to make it so much better.  Have a look at that Claimee field.  See how it has my name in there?  Without Nintex Forms, it was impossible to default that field to the logged in user and here at Provoke, 99% of the time, the person making the claim is the one who is logged in.  Cool, so now I've saved everyone a little bit of time each time they make a claim.  Here's how I defaulted that field using Nintex Forms:

Expense - Claimee.PNG

I simply changed the default value source and set the value to Current User.  That saved me, the Form designer, a whole lot of time too.  None of this getting out Visual Studio nonsense!

The other massive impact was the face that I could make this form accessible to all staff outside our Intranet.  I used the native Nintex mobile application that everyone has to achieve this but I could have also published the web form using Nintex live.  Like many organisations, our intranet is not accessible to the outside world but by using NIntex Forms and associating our Microsoft IDs (e.g. Hotmail and, we are able to submit forms no matter what our internet connection is.

Expense - mobile.PNG

Being able to submit expenses while on the road saves an incredible amount of time for all our staff.  It also provides the bonus that people can take a photo of their receipt on the spot and submit it with their claim.  Our absent minded staff love this because we also have the policy of no receipt, no payment!

In summary, the form that I've shown you is very simple and easy to build but it has made a real impact to the way that we operate.



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