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June Mission - KISS

I would like to choose a different approach in order not to describe another variant of the solutions already shown.
The prerequisite for this is that all tasks are executed one after the other and the stakeholders are fixed for a given request type.

So I need 3 lists:
- a master list for request types
- a master list for request types, tasks, descriptions and assignees
- a request list for # of tasks, % completed, etc.

When a request is created in request list, a workflow will be started
performing follwing actions:
   read in all tasks for a given request type
   (Query List assigning Collection variables)
   calculate # of tasks(Collection operation Count)
   loop over tasks for the given request type
      assign a flexi task for given assignee using task description
      update % completed and completed # of task in request list
   inform initiator that request is completed

simplified Prototype in Nintex Workflow:

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