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February Mission - Server Patching

Good day,

Thanks Cassy Freeman‌ for this great challenge.

I only built a site workflow that will calculate the dates for the year but this could have been extended to using a SharePoint list and reading the data from there.  

My goal was to calculate the first required Tuesday's date and the rest would be easy.  I created my two collections with the split actions.   Doesn't matter what day Tuesday falls on, the furthest it can go is day 14 for the second Tuesday so I only looked at the first 14 days of the month.

And I built a collection for the months in the same way.

Then I performed a For Each action  inside a For Each Actions to run through the first 14 days of every month.

I did a check on every day to see if it is Tuesday and then counted the Tuesday until I got the second Tuesday. 

Once I got the second Tuesday, the rest was easy.  I used the second Tuesday's date to Create Server A,

Server A Date + 3 = Server B date (...with Date Calculations)

Server A Date + 6 = Server C date

Server A Date + 6 = Server D date

Server A Date + 7 = Server E date

Server A Date + 7 = Server F date

This would create all the dates required in my calendar for the year.

Thanks Cassy, it was good to try something different from normal work


Francois Crous

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