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February Mission: Patching Server

Before I begin to launch my designer, I shall use my January tip ;-) and draw the workflow using the DUCERIM.

This is very helpful because you have the time to think about a generic solution.

Two points came in my mind:

  • Find the first weekday of the month as this is not a workflow action. This will be an User Defined Action (UDA)
  • This weekday should not be hard-coded in the workflow as my boss can change his mind next month and I do not want to update my workflow, so I shall create a configuration list with an additional column for the week number inside the month (1 to 3)

In the February mission, this will give an item with two values: Tuesday and 2.


Here is the UDA with

1 input parameter: strFirstDayOfTheWeek as Text (e.g. Tuesday)

1 output parameter: tmdtDate as Date and Time (e.g. 07/02/2017)


I begin to set the Today's date and then I set to a string variable the day of this date using a Build String action fn-FormatDate({WorkflowVariable:tmdtToday},"dddd")


Then I loop until I find the string day I am looking for.


And I update the Output parameter


In my Site workflow that will be scheduled once the first day of the month, my first action will be to Query the Configuration list to know which day I am looking for and for which week. Then I am using my UDA Action to know which day to begin to patch the Server. The input parameter is coming from my Configuration list.


The output will be the first Tuesday of the month.

Then I need to calculate the next Tuesday using the column in my Configuration list that contains 2 for Week# 2


From my begin date, I can create the entries in the Patching Server Calendar.

For that, I have a list that contains my Servers to patch with the number of days to add to the begin date.

I query this list and loop on it to create entries in my calendar.

Here is my Patching Server Calendar

Now if in march, my boss decides that the Servers need to be patched the first week of the month and must begin on Monday, I just need to update my Configuration list.

Happy Nintexing and thanks to ‌ for this challenging workflow.

Christophe Raucq

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