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"Resize at Runtime" for URL fields

SharePoint: 2010 (on premise)

NIntex : 2010 v1.7.0.0


I've done a few forms with Nintex Forms, and had the usual issues with Resize at Runtime and how sensitive it is to overlaps etc.


However this is the first time I've used a URL field, and it doesn't seem to be playing at all.


The Edit mode version of the field has two text entry boxes and two text labels (and a lot of empty space below), whereas the resulting link in View mode is just a single line. Logically you would expect this to resize substantially at runtime, but it doesn't.


Nintex Forms URL field Edit.png

The result is massively wasteful of screen space-

Nintex Forms URL field View.png


Has anyone seen a URL field resize properly, or is this a feature / limitation?

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