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Nintex Newbie

Would like to retain document tag after conversion to .pdf

I have a document library set up to group by Service, service is chosen at upload in Libraray A document (.docx) then goes through an approval process and is sent to Library B on another site where it is then converted into .pdf however when it is converted the tag is removed as you can see below, therefore I am unable to group by Service type, type '44' and 'TBC' have been removed by the conversion:

Libraray B

Also find that the workflow is trying to convert the .pdf  as the workflow is set to run when a new item is created hence the Error Occurred notification, would be great to stop this.

1. Query list looks for content in the Service column when a .docx is transferred from Library A and stores this as a variable.

2. Regular expression, Convert document and delete item is the convert to pdf section

3. I was hoping the Update item would extract the original Service column content and put it back

Once agaim grateful for any assistance workflow attached.

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