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Nintex Newbie

Workflow will not delegate task to 'Complete'

I have a workflow that assigns 9 'Request Data' to the HODs at work. I broke them up into 3 parallel tasks as they need to all be completed before it goes to the facility manager. It sends them 4 days of reminders (which works) but the delegate task to complete will not go through.

My first problem was that the workflow was 4.5 MB, which Nintex said needs to be under 1MB. I split the workflow up into 7 different workflows (per facility now) and we are still having weird issues with this. The current workflow is around 800kb.

Has anyone else had issues having Request Data go through when nobody responds to it? Is there a workaround I can try? I've been fighting with this for a few months now and the limitations are starting to wear on me. Thanks.

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