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Nintex Newbie

UDA - Associated Workflow and Versions

 I am using Nintex Nintex Workflow for SharePoint 2019 version:


I republished a couple of workflows and selection the option to see and republish all workflows using the UDAs. Now when I check the associated workflows I am seeing two of each Smiley Sad Although I checked my list and even deleted the previous versions of the workflow to no avail. Is this by design or can I remove workflow versions from this view that are no longer in use? (there are no workflows currently running so I did remove them from the Workflow Settings for the list).


10-1-2019 11-16-09 AM.jpg

I would just prefer to see it clean and showing only the current UDA version with the current workflows like it was in 2013.


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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: UDA - Associated Workflow and Versions

I tried to replicate this issue on build but was not able to.
Not sure why this issue would be occuring for you.
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