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Triggering a WF using a field inside a repeating section?

Hello - I was wondering if it would be possible to trigger a Nintex workflow using a field inside a repeating section. I have a repeating section that will ask if follow up is needed, and then it will designate a person for the follow up. I would like the WF to trigger if "follow up is needed" is selected, but this may change depending on the different interventions taking place (hence the repeating section). Any ideas on how to accomplish this? Any help is appreciated.



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Workflow Hero

Re: Triggering a WF using a field inside a repeating section?

Not in the conditional start for the on-create/on-change trigger. For this you need to extract these values and process the contents of the repeating section using Query XML. For this you should be able to find posts in this community. It's up to you to handle (each section with) the "follow up is needed" setting process within the same workflow to trigger a 2nd workflow; the latter would be of interest if you indeed have to start a wf for multiple repeating section rows. When starting a 2nd workflow there's an option to pass data to it. Again see this community's blogs for details.

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