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Nintex Newbie

Timestamp Functionality

I have a simple form. There is a drop down that contains 2 values - New (default) and Assigned. I have a workflow that records when the value is changed to Assigned and a report that captures when a form is created and that timestamp. 


My question is if a user creates the form and ALSO changes the value to Assigned the timestamp shows that the value was changed 1 second before the form was created. This is throwing off the report. Is there any way around this? 

If there is no way around this, does anyone have an idea how I can modify the excel formula to not error out.... Smiley LOL

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Timestamp Functionality

This is a little tricky. I think the best solution is to make it so that the user cannot set the drop down to assigned in new mode. They would have to submit and then go back in and set to assigned.
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