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Nintex Newbie

Text Field to People Picker (List)

Hello all!

I have a long list of users which were imported out of a  database into a SharePoint List and "mapped" to Objects.

for example:

Object    Name

______  ______

Object1  Name1
Object2  Name2
Object3  Name3
Object4  Name4


Now I´d like to add a new People Picker column to use a filter via ContentQuery Webpart [ME].

for example:

Object    Name      NamePP

______  ______   ________

Object1  Name1    Name1
Object2  Name2    Name2
Object3  Name3    Name3
Object4  Name4    Name4

              [Textfield] [People Picker]

Is there a way to fill the column "NamePP" as a PeoplePicker with the names out of the column "Name?

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Text Field to People Picker (List)

Hi André,

What about a copy/paste ...

In the view, click Edit this list

Copy all the names from your Name column and paste them in your NamePP.

I have tried with O365 and it worls like a charm.


Christophe Raucq

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Text Field to People Picker (List)

Hi Christophe,

thanks for your quick help!

That also works on Sharepoint on Premise, but there are alot of entries in the list and it will be updated by business data every morning. My fault that I haven´t mentioned earlier....

So I´ll take your advice for a first solution - thanks for that - but I´m also looking for a way to fill the NamePP on listupdate.

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