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Nintex Newbie

Task Queue

Hi All,


I have a workflow with multiple approvals, which run one after another they are not paralell. 


I was hoping there is a way that I could create a "queue" for those assigned to the task to be able to process the request. I'd like the people assigned to each task, to be able to open a queue that allows them to process the request rather than running off of their email.


This is how I imagine it to work:


1. Account Approval : This task is assigned to a user based on the specific account, so if they do not have the right to approve this, they should not have the ability to approve/reject it.


2. Manager Approval: this is set up the same was as account approval, and would require the same rules.


3. CFO Approval: The CFO is the only person who will be assigned this task, he has the ability to delegate the task to anyone in our company. The CFO and the delegates should have the ability to approve within this queue, but ONLY if the task is assigned to them.


4. Second Approval: This approval is only necessary if the requested amount is over $50k. There is a set of users that have the ability to approve this, so only those users would be assigned the task and have the right to the approval process.


5. Treasury Bank Portal Task: this is a task assigned only to our treasury department, similar to Second Approval only these users should be able to approve these tasks.


6. Wire Release Task: Similar to steps 4 & 5, a group of users will have the right to approve this task.


7. Treasury Final Task: Similar to steps 4,5 and 6, a group of users will have the right to approve this task.


Please note, I am still somewhat new at this process and may need a more detailed instruction!

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