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Set workflow options on a workflow in another site

I have a SharePoint site that has a list workflow. This list workflow runs conditionally on modified documents. I have created a site template from this site, choosing to Include Content to ensure the workflow is part of the template.

I have a site workflow that provisions new sites based on this site template. Everything gets created properly and the workflow is in the list. However, the 'start when items are modified' setting is not maintained - it's set to 'No' instead of 'Conditional'.

Is there a way to change the list workflow settings from the site workflow? Or, is there a better way to get the list workflow into the newly provisioned site?

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Workflow Hero

Re: Set workflow options on a workflow in another site

We are currently using version Nintex Workflow 2013 v We have recently installed v in our dev environment to test the updates prior to installing in our prod environment. It appears this particular issue is resolved with the update.

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