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Retrieve Item Child Count value


I try to run a workflow by checking on the value 'Item Child Count'.

I created 2 workflows:

- One to start when a new Document Set is created

- One to start when a document is added to the document set

I want the Workflow on the Document Set to check on the value in the field 'Item Child Count'.

As long as the value of Item Child Count is 0, the workflow has to wait.

Once the value of Item Child Count is not equal to 0, to workflow can continue.

I tried using 'Loop', 'Run if', 'Set Condition', .... I tried using 'Commit pending changes'.

But whatever I use, the value in 'Item Child Count' always remain = 0 according to the workflow, even if I added several documents to my Document set and even if I see in the list view that the value of 'Item Child Count' is not equal to 0.

Any idea would be welcome!

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