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Nintex Newbie

Request Data keeps removing Content type fields.

I've got a list workflow that uses the 'Request Data' action to get the following two items from an 'assignee':


Task Status: Choice - In-Progress OR Completed

Comments: Multiple lines of text


Screenshot 1.jpg

Later in the workflow a 'set a condition' then decides what happens next based on the response from the 'task status':

Screenshot 3.jpg


Howeve, each time I do this, it goes the wrong way. Below is a screenshot of the history of one of the instances where I selected 'In-Progress' but it followed the 'Completed' route.

Screenshot 2.jpgI used the 'log in history list' action which also logged the wrong outcome.


I believe the problem must be something to do with the 'request data' action. Whenever I re-open the workflow in designer mode after publishing and closing it, the 'task status' content type field keeps disspearing:

Screenshot 4.jpg


Is anyone able to offer any advice? I've been at this non-stop for a couple of days now so it might just need a fresh pair of eyes.


I understand there is several methods to do what I am trying to achieve, but for several reasons I chose 'request data'.


I've attempted the following actions which were unsucesful:

  • deleting the 'request data' action and reinsterting it
  • Adding and replacing a new content type and variables
  • Rebuilding the action in another workflow (still had exact same issue)


Thank you!

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Request Data keeps removing Content type fields.

does the 'Task status' field exist in content type already or are you adding from action configuration?


if it's new field to add, can you try to add it dirrectly in content type configuration in site settings?


isn't content type configured to be read only?


have you tried with different field name if 'Task status' is somehow reserved?

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