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Nintex Newbie

Repeating Section - Update title/question for each repeating section


I have a large inspection form where all the outcomes fields are the same. The only thing that changes is the question/criteria.


Is there some way to have the outcome fields in a repeating section with the criteria changing? My only thought was to have the criteria in a drop down list. However as there are so many and some of the questions are quite long, that isn't really practical. 

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Repeating Section - Update title/question for each repeating section

The best solution I've come up for this one so far, and I'm open to other suggestions (as I need this to work in the mobile app form):

Create a list of the Criteria which will contain the OrderNum and the Criteria

Within the repeating section:

Set Default rows to the number of Criteria

To bring in the Criteria:

Using a Calculated Value with formula - lookup("CritereaList","OrderNum",currentRowNumber(CommentsControl),"Criteria") 

Count any control within the repeating section.

I also removed the ability to delete a repeating section for this particular scenario. (This won't work in the mobile app)

.nf-repeater-deleterow-image {
visibility: hidden;

Looks great in desktop form:

Doesn't look so good in the mobile app form:

Just a bunch of Tap to edits and the repeating sections can be deleted.

Formula doesn't work:

This form will need to be used offline, so this scenario will not be useful to me.

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