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Questions about the Nintex Solution Innovation Award


I know that this forum is wrong for my question but I couldn't select a more appropriate one.

There are two more days to submit a solution to the 2019 Nintex Solution Innovation Awards. But I couldn't find any information about what will be done with the submitted information afterwards. Will it be used for marketing purposes somewhere on the Nintex-website? How many solutions can win the award? Just one, the three best of all or how many? And in what form is the award transfered? Is it some kind of badge-image, will it be presented on the Nintex-Website or maybe a trophy made from pure gold that will be shipped to the winner? That would be really cool Smiley Wink


Greetings from Nuremberg

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Questions about the Nintex Solution Innovation Award

Those shortlisted have been announced now:

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