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Populate options in choice columns


I have two choice columns, Column A, which has the details of the Industry and Column B which contains the Sectors. Is there any way where I can populate the options I see in Column B based on the option I select in Column A.

I have already tried setting it up using a look-up functionality which is not helping. Can this be done by writing a rule in the form?

Thank you in advance!


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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Populate options in choice columns

You could setup a Calculated Value control on the form, then in the formula use the Runtime function of lookup. Use the lookup as lookup("List name", "Column A (as text)", "Insert reference of named control here, which is probably Column A", "Column B (the column to show on filter)")

So when a selection is made on column A, then the corresponding value in column B is shown. 

Ok, and if the control displaying Column A on the form is a Lookup control, then in the formula above needs a slight change by including a parselookup. This little function remove the 3;# in  3;#columnAvalue so it can be used by the lookup function.

lookup("Industry List", "Column A", parselookup("Column A"), "Column B")

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