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Permissions to submit new item form

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Team, what is the minimum permission to users to submit a request form,

i created the list then the Nintex form to enable the users to submit new request.

i gave the users the URL for submitting  New item, that will open the empty form to fill it and submit.

what access rights to be given to the users to submit it? as the users with "Read" or " Add/Edit/View" still getting No access Message  

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Permissions to submit new item form

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for regular work the contribute permission will be enough. It allows users to add, modify and delete items. You can also limit access to just add permissions making the users only able to add new items but don't modify or delete them.


I understood that your users have at least contribute permissions on your list but still are not able to add new items, right?


To help narrow down which permission is missing I'd suggest you let your users click the following navigation steps and see when the access denied message pops up:

  1. access the site collection
  2. access the list
  3. click the add item link

When error happens in step 1 and 2 the problem is not related to Nintex. You should then make sure your users have general access to the site and the list.

When error happens in step 3 there might be a lookup control on the form to which's connected list the user doesn't have access.


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