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Nintex Newbie

Nintex on O365: Add metadata to approval task list

On an Office 365 tenant, I have a document library in which invoices with metadata (Invoice Number, customer,etc.) are stored.

On this document library we have created a simple approval workflow which is creating approval tasks in a task list.

We would like to find a way to also add aditional metadata of the document library (Invoices) to the tasks created in the tasks list e.g. Description is not sufficient we have a metadata field invoice number which should appear in a column of the tasks list so people can sort on this metadata invoice number.


Any ideas how to do this with Nintex for O365... (On Prem this is feasible due to more available  workflow actions)


Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Kind Regards,

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Re: Nintex on O365: Add metadata to approval task list

Any ideas for how to solve this yet for Office 365?    At "Assign a Task" I need to add a few custom fields so the tasks can be grouped/filtered etc.  I was hoping I could add meta-data field(s) to the task list as a part of creating the task.  However, Assign a Task seems to ignore custom fields.  I'm hoping there is a clean way to do this but am looking for other options if not...

  • Set custom fields at task creation as requested above.  Seems ideal, but is it possible?
  • Create a custom page / web part that links the Task list to the original document library, including the meta-data from the document library.(Don't know how to do this yet but it seems like it should be possible.  Any help?) 
  • Add my meta-data field to the front of the Task "Description" field and then pull it back out as a calculated column in the view.  (Seems possible but I'd like to get multiple meta-data fields so I'm not sure it'll work. Any thoughts?)

TIA for any feedback...

- Dave

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Nintex Newbie

Re: Nintex on O365: Add metadata to approval task list

Hi Wim/Dave,

Did you ever received an answer outside this forum? The ones I can think of would involve either a parallel action for the create approval task action or a Created workflow on the tasklist itself to resolve this. However, I'm also interested in other, more clean solutions.

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