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Nintex Newbie

Inserting a hyperlink into a content control with Nintex Workflow

I am trying to pass a hyperlink to a word document using nintex workflows (2013).

I have the content control setup in Word. (Rich Text) I have the workflow actually passing the URL.  However, it shows up as an unclickable text string. 

Is there anyway to make that string a clickable URL?

I have tried:

  1. sending HTML.
  2. Sending the URL String alone.
  3. Setting a URL Field in SharePoint and sending that field.
  4. Building a string and sending that

I'm out of ideas.  Can someone help me out?

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Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Inserting a hyperlink into a content control with Nintex Workflow

‌ I just tried this out for you and I cannot get it to work at all!!!

I wondered what it would look like doing it the other way (populating a content control with a clickable link in the word document and using read document in the workflow to see what it looks like) but it comes back as blank when it is clickable!

I then thought about adding a column to the document library and inserting a quick part for the column into the document but the column set up as a hyperlink type column isn't available as an option in the quick parts dropdown!

I am doing some more reading - will keep you posted - this is bugging me!

Automation Master
Automation Master

Re: Inserting a hyperlink into a content control with Nintex Workflow

aha - got it to work with a little bit of fudging in the document template and quick parts following this:

If you cannot use code, I think the following approach may work, but you would need to see what actually happens when you create a new document.

In essence,

 a. In the SharePoint list, you will need two text properties, one for the link text and one for the display text. Let's call them hllink1 and hldisplay1. For a sample document, put some text in each of these properties.

 b. in the template,

 - insert the hllink1 Document Property and the hldisplay1 Document Property. This is a temporary move that will let you change the values of these properties without displaying the DIP

  - insert a HYPERLINK field as follows

     - use ctrl-F9 to insert a pair of field code braces { }

     - type HYPERLINK "" between the {}, so you have


     - then insert another copy of the hllink1 Document Property between the ""

{ HYPERLINK "the Document Property for hllink1" }

 c. select the Hyperlink field and use F9 to update it. When you show the result (Alt-F9), you should see a clickable hyperlink where the "display text" is the same as the link text

 d. Click somewhere inside the display text, and insert the hldisplay1 Document Property.

 e. Carefully select the remainder of the display text and delete it. You should stil be left with a hyperlink that can be ctrl-clicked in the usual way.

 f. Modify the texts in hllink1 and hldisplay1. However notice that, as a maximum, the hyperlink display text will update automatically. The tooltip for the hyperlink does not update automatically.

 g. Select the hyperlink and press F9 to update it. The tooltip/link text should update

from this reference:

Nintex Newbie

Re: Inserting a hyperlink into a content control with Nintex Workflow

OK. I have this setup, and I can get the original link to work. (the one I set in the template) (Which is AWESOME) thank you so much!

My issues is, once I create a document from the template, and in turn, changing the URL field. I can not get that url to update, regardless of what I try.  F9 or not I can't.

If I could get that to work it would be a partial solution. I wonder if there's a way to get the word document to refresh from within nintex so the user doesn't have to?

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