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Workflow Hero

How to claim workflow task back?

Hi All,

 I have a criteria of workflow ex: There is a Manager level user group who will approve the request and will assign the task to some technicians.I want to know how to take back the task from the technician  back to manager and assign it to someone else. Let i as a manager assigned the flexi task to Mr. X but Mr.X is on leave so it has to be assigned to someone else. How to claim back automatically if some one is on absent.

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Workflow Hero

Re: How to claim workflow task back?

Have you looked at delegation?

See information here: 

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Workflow Hero

Re: How to claim workflow task back?

There is no opportunity to claim back a delegated task as the original assignee will loose the permissions to the task once he delegates the task.

Only the task owner or site owners can delegate a specific task.

However you could add escalation to your felxi task that will escalate (delegate) the task to the manager group after a certain amount of time.

Would that be an option?

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