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Nintex Newbie

Execute SQL - update existing records

I'm trying to update a SQL Table using the Execute SQL action where items have the same ID, without any luck. I used a previous INSERT INTO action sucessfully in a different workflow so my Connection string is good. I'm having issues with the Query.

My scenario is to have the SQL Table updated whenever the List item is modified based on the List Item ID which is a Primary key on the table.

UPDATE dbo.Table2
SET [Plant]=('{ItemProperty:Plant_x003a_}'),
[Job Title]=('{ItemProperty:Job_x0020_Title_x003a_}'),
[Badge Number]=('{ItemProperty:Badge_x0020_number_x003a_}'),
[Course Name]=('{ItemProperty:CN}'),
[Date of Course]=('{ItemProperty:Date_x0020_of_x0020_course}'),
[Expiry date]=('{ItemProperty:Expiration_x0020_date}'),
[Employee Name]=('{ItemProperty:Employee_x0020_Name}'),
WHERE [ContentTypeID]=('{ItemProperty:ID}');


I do not get any errors, just items don't get updated in the table.

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