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Community News - September 12th, 2016

Community News - September 12th, 2016

Remember to use "search" and "ask" windows in the community to see if your question has been asked/answered. Below, see the latest posts in the community. And remember, you can "follow" a space, thread or person in Nintex Connect. Just click "follow" in the upper-right part of the page.  Edit your preferences by clicking your avatar and choosing "preferences" from the drop-down. That way you can decide how much Connect goodness to get in your email, on your phone or in your community in-box! And - as always - if you get a solution to your question - be sure to check the "correct answer" button on the response what worked out! 

Cool Community Content

Linking tasks imageTechnical Evangelist Brad Orluk‌ is channeling alt-rock bands in his latest post Linkin' Tasks or How to Get That Pesky Task Item URL  

Nintex Senior Service Engineer Dan Burke‌ has this advice for the frequent request about properly refreshing a test environment with production data: How to Refresh a Development Farm with Production Data 

Connect points leader Cassy Freeman‌ has had some blogs kicking around her noggin for a long time, and she says she's planning to post more. Here's her latest: Inserting or Updating a Managed Metadata field using Nintex Workflow 

Nintex Deals Desk Analyst Bingham Blalock‌ posts Q&A on Migration Questions - From an Industrial Equipment Supplier 

Dev Talk


Nintex Technical writer/developer Matt Briggs has a preview of what to expect in the coming weeks in the Dev Talk space: Note About Upcoming Walkthrough Posts for the SDK 

Tech Blog

tech blog imageHaving trouble getting Run Time rules to work on iOS or Windows mobile even though they run fine on Android? Nintex Delivery Manager Vahid Taslimi‌ shows you some JavaScript syntax to check that can help: Nintex Mobile – Runtime Rules Work on Android but not on iOS, Windows or Windows Phone 

Technical Evangelist Kok Koon Gan‌ shares a solution he gave a Nintex Partner recently: Setting Attachment URL to a column of the same list item 

Have a great week, everyone!


~Your community manager

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