Nintex Form: Append Changes to Existing Text not displaying after migration

I'm preparing for migration of an SharePoint list from on-premises to SharePoint 365.  The list currently has a multiline text field with "append changes to existing text" selected, which captures notes from multiple users, and shows the user, timestamp, and note history for each item.


Post migration, only the notes added with the latest update are visible in the form.  If the latest update didn't include a note in this field, then no notes are visible.


In searching this forum, I see several threads discussing complex workarounds, after saying that there's no out-of-the box solution.  I'm confused by this since the current on-premises Nintex form is working correctly and has this functionality. 

If I were designing a new list, I would avoid using this functionality, but I'm migrating an existing list and need to retain existing notes, users, timestamps.


Does Nintex plan to put this functionality back in an upcoming version?  If not, what's a reasonable workaround for retaining existing data?

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