flexi task with multiple variable approvers

I have a state machine workflow for electronic approval.  It has 3 levels of approval (Author, Management, and Quality Assurance) Each level of approval has a Flexi Task. The tasks are assigned to an "Author, Management, and Quality Assurance" People Picker column in my document library. My workflow operates the way I want it to. But my problem is that the Management flexi task could have 1 or 20 approvers. It will always vary. I am attracted to the flexi task so I do not need to have 20 more columns in my list.

When I have multiple approvers in the management task, I want the task to go to the "Approved" branch of the flexi task if everyone approves. But if at any time anyone rejects the task, I want it to go to the Reject branch. But this is not happening. I tried all behaviors. But they do not work. If someone rejects it, They flexi task will send out a redundant email to ALL approvers again. I do not want them to get another email if they already made their vote.

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Re: flexi task with multiple variable approvers

Hi Joseph,

Recommend you have a look at this article as it tells you a lot about flexitask which is not very obvious on the surface.

Do you really know the Flexi task? 

The thing to play to see if it suits your purpose would be 

Flexi Task -> Advanced options -> Include an 'Other' branch ..

selecting 'None' as the option for 'Not required Notification'

let me know if it helps..




Re: flexi task with multiple variable approvers

I needed something similar.  Here is what I did (see image below).  I created a loop and variables to end the workflow in the branch.  Hopefully you can glean some ideas from here to help you with yours.  You can click on the image to make it bigger.  You'll want to zoom in on it.  The resolution on the image will support a high zoom in rate. 🙂

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