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Use LookUp Column to Filter Dropdown Options

I'm not sure if this is possible.

I have two lists.

  • List A ( for Storage )
    • Two columns: Facility, Unit
  • List B
    • Three Columns: Name, Facility (Choice Type), Unit (Lookup Type)

List A has data that looks like this:

Facility 1 - Unit 1

Facility 1 - Unit 2

Facility 1 - Unit 3

Facility 2 - Unit 1

Facility 2 - Unit 2


The end goal is for a user to come into List B, fill in their name and choose their Facility from a drop down menu. Then the Unit drop down menu should only show the options associate with that Facility - instead of all available units.

I was thinking Nintex would be able to help with something like that.


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Re: Use LookUp Column to Filter Dropdown Options

Check this link, it has detailed steps:  

cascading lookups set a field value with a list lookup control  

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