Update items actions not working for users but works for me the publisher.

I have created and published the workflow and have full control permissions in the library (SharePoint 2013 ). All other users have contribute permissions to this library.  If I start the workflow it works perfectly and the “Update item” actions update correctly throughout the workflow (ie. “Release State” and “Workflow Status” fields get updated) even if other users play the role of Checker or Approver but I have to start it.  However, if any other user starts the workflow these fields Remain in WIP and do not get updated throughout the workflow until the last step when the item is Approved and the document is checked in. all other functions in the workflow work and tasks are issued and can be completed. 

I would like to also mention that I put the whole workflow within an action set.  If I click the elevate permissions button and run the workflow then I also have the same issue as all the other users. The workflow status and Release state fields stay in WIP until the last step.

The general workflow: (The highlighted items are what is not working)

  1.      The user starts the workflow by entering in some workflow Variables (Checker name, Approver name, Intended Release State).
  2.      Workflow checks out document
  3.      Sends confirmation email to Initiator
  4.  4    Updates Release State library column field based on the workflow variable entered at start of workflow.
  5.  5   Updates Workflow Status to “Pending” from “WIP”
  6.       Workflow enters the state machine action.
  7.     Checker Task Created with email notification
  8.      If Approved update workflow Status to “Checked”. The Approver Task is created with email notification.
  9.     If Checker rejected update workflow status to “WIP”, Update Release State to “WIP. Email sent to initiator and the document is checked in at next Minor version.
  10.       If Approver Task is Approved, The workflow Status is update to “Approved”, and email is sent to the initiator and the document is checked in at the next Major Revision.

This figure shows the workflow and the configuration of the update items actions (Update workflow Status and Release Status).

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Re: Update items actions not working for users but works for me the publisher.



I have the same problem. I know it's been a while since you posted it. How did you solve it?

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Re: Update items actions not working for users but works for me the publisher.

@rwharte mentioned that the workflow checks out the document when it starts. This means it's checked out to initiator of the workflow. When it tries to update the item, at that time with whose credential it's being updated with? Is the credential trying to udpate item and initiator are same?

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