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Update A repeating Section list Output

I have a repeating section in my Nintex form that currently captures;


item, cost, quantity, totals


After the form is submitted following the instructions of others I have the start of the workflow parse this information and store the output in list column inside of a table.


My challenge now is going through the workflow someone may notice a mistake either on qty, cost, or item and want to make a change, they have the ability to edit the main form but when submitting it does not update the list column values.


How do I go about achieving this?

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Re: Update A repeating Section list Output

Hi Tim,

Based on what you are saying, I assume that you have your workflow settings set to starting on list item creation. As the subsequent users are modifying the list item form, the workflow will not be triggerring in this case. You will need to build logic that deals with what happens when the item is being modified and have that - either a new workflow, or logic built into the existing workflow to determine the path for the modified logic treatment. So you will need to have the workflow settings set to also start on item modification.



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