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Theme not applying to Choice Field rendered as buttons

I have a Responsive Form that I have applied a theme to that does not fully work for a Choice control rendered as buttons. The color applies to the buttons when hovered over, and when clicking the button, but once your cursor moves away from the button, it goes back to the default Nintex Orange. Has anyone else this this kind of issue? 

We are using SharePoint On Prem 2016 with the most up to date version on Nintex Forms and Workflows.

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Re: Theme not applying to Choice Field rendered as buttons

Obviously much later, but I also experienced this same issue.  When I have a theme that was applied to Choice fields that were rendered as buttons, my theme only applies when hovering over the option.  Once the option is selected, the default Nintex orange is what displays in all Views of the form.  This has no effect on the results, but is strange that the theme wouldn't be applied.

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