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Site Workflow to update an item based on an expiration date being past due

Hi, I am relatively new to Nintex but learning and any help or suggestions are welcome.

I have a document library where a document is only considered "Active" for 30 days. I am trying to create a site workflow that I will schedule to run everyday to query the library, identify the documents that are expiration date +1 (one day past expiration date) and then I want to use an Update item action to change the Document status from Active to Expired. I already have a site workflow that sends a notification one week before the expiration date. I was trying to create this update workflow in a similar manner but I cannot quite get my head around it.

1. Calculates date (today+1) and stores to var

2. Log in History

3. Query List to get documents that are one day past the expiration date. The query builder is to show items when the expiry day is less than my calculated date variable (today +1), Sort is the ID going to a Collection Var

4. For each Target is my collection var, results stored in a Document ID var

5. Log in history

6. Query List Show items where the ID is equal to the Document ID var, Sort is the document owner and the title going to vars

7. Update item is updating items where the expiration date equals the calculated date var which will update the document status to an Expired status.

8. Email notification to the document owner that the document has been expired and they should take action.

When I run the workflow it is getting hung up on the For Each and the Update item. 

I am not really certain what I am missing or did wrong, I may have over thought it and am just confused about what I need to get this working. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Re: Site Workflow to update an item based on an expiration date being past due

change your update item to be where ID = current item in your for each (collection of IDs)?

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