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Setting up a notification email that is triggered to send at a future date

Hello, I've worked with Nintex Workflows 2010 with InfoPath, but am now on Nintext Workflow 2013 and working with Nintex Forms 2013. I have a situation where my customer wants to flag a customer for a follow up. If flagged yes, they want to set a follow up date in the future. They then want to be able to select users that a notification email is sent to, this could be one user or multiple. When the follow up date arrives, they want that email to be sent.

I am not sure how to do this with Nintex Workflows.

1. Collate either 1 or more user emails (pre-determined from a selectable list, but number of users will vary.)

2. Set up the workflow to trigger and send the notification email on the follow up date which could be days, weeks or months to the future of the entry being first inputted.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Setting up a notification email that is triggered to send at a future date

Hi @ZebAhmed,

On your Nintex form you have your Flag checkbox (Yes/No column), the date control and a multiple value person/group column. Place the latter 2 in a panel with a Formatiing rule to hide it (and its content) when the Flag checkbox has value false. You can put a validation rule on the date to ensure it is in the future.

As for the workflow this needs to be a scheduled Site Workflow, which daily gets all the items (IDs) with followup date = today and store it in a collection. Next use a Foreach to go through each item, get the required details and send the email.

Hopefully this is enough detail to get you going.

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