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Question about "Commit pending changes" action

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I have a workflow where I dynamically create the item's Title field and then start a Flexi task on that item. There is a "Commit pending changes" between the actions (see screenshot) but the created task shows (no title) under the Related Content. I was under the impression that the "Commit..." action will create the Title before moving to the Flexi task. Am I doing something wrong? Should I replace it with a pause? Subsequent tasks show Title created as expected.





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Re: Question about "Commit pending changes" action

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The problem is about "SharePoint batch" vs "NINTEX batch".


In your case, the Commit action, wich force NINTEX batch to finish, is useless....because "Update item" is not included in NINTEX batch but in SharePoint one.


You will find explainations in this topic Designing your Workflow - Commit Pending Changes Action NW2010 & NW2013


The only way to ensure your update is done is to add a pause...waiting enough time to allow SharePoint batch to execute completely.

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