Passing User or Group in a UDA

I understand there's some limitations to UDAs when it comes to User or Group fields, but I was wondering what would be the best way to turn this workflow I have into a reusable UDA?

Here's what my list and workflow looks like currently:

Field NameField Type
Title*Single line text
Request*Multiple lines of text
Manager*User or Group
Alternate ApproverUser or Group

<Is 'Alternate Approver' empty?>

-- Yes

- Set variable:Approver = 'Manager'

-- No

- Set variable:Approver = 'Alternate Approver'

[Flexi Task: Send notification out to 'Approver' to approve or reject the 'Request']

As it is right now if I were to convert the workflow straight up as a UDA, I get an error as the 'Approver' variable doesn't resolve to a User or Group properly.

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Re: Passing User or Group in a UDA

You can always pass the UPN as a string. That's what I'm going to try to do..

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