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Notify Someone When a Task is Escalated?

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I'm using Escalation in my tasks (Assign To-Do and Flexi-Task) and we find that we can only delegate or complete the task, we can't simply notify someone when it has been escalated. For example, if the task is escalated to the Manager, the Director wants to be notified that it has been escalated without being assigned a task to complete.

I don't want to over-engineer the workflow with loads of conditions and parallel actions and pauses and so forth. I also don't want to use a Run If after the task has been completed because that defeats the purpose of notifying someone that the task was escalated.

Is there any way to get this functionality? Using a condition in the "Delegate to" field? Using a formula to create the condition, setting a variable with that condition, and using the variable in the "Delegate to" field?

We are willing to let this go, so no rush. Just thought I would throw that out there and see if anyone in the community had any ideas. It would be nice if we had the option to CC someone in the Escalation tab.

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Re: Notify Someone When a Task is Escalated?

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We took a different approach for escalations and created a "watcher" site level workflow to determine if any items are to be "escalated". We calculate if it is within X days of a due date and notify certain users. This way we can determine the frequency and actions that happen when an item is to be escalated. Sometime we auto-cancel it (for software requests) or we will notify users daily (for more customer specific items) until they are completed.

Hope this helps!

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