Nintex Workflow ID sent by Request Review Action


I am using a Nintex workflow that, as one of its actions, sends a message to our local ticketing system (OTRS). The ticketing system is configured to return an auto-response to the sender. This causes a response from Nintex back to the ticketing system  that it is "unable to match the response to a running workflow."  I am trying to avoid this message back from Nintex.


We have discovered that if we use a Request Review action in the workflow, instead of a Send Notification to send the message to the ticketing system, the subject line of the message includes a token in the form of [#DDDK....#] that identifies the workflow and allows a return message. For many reasons I'd prefer to use the Send Notification action but can't find a context variable that looks anything like the token appended by the Request Review action. I tried the Workflow ID but that's not it. What is that token in the form of [#DDD...whatever...#] and how can I reference it directly?




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