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Nintex Workflow Delegation Issue

Hi All,


      We developed an application using nintex forms and nintex workflow , in nintex forms we are not showing delegate option depend on the requirement, every thing runs well  , here we have a scenario that if any user is on leave for couple of days , task assigned to them should be delegated to some other users for this only administrators should have access to do so,


   We tried to achieve this by  logging in as administrator and went to workflow task , there we selected pending task of the user using data sheet view we tried changing assigned to column to my name and tried saving the item , its saving and task is assigning to me but the scenario is am getting "Response No Longer Required" on the top of the form and the workflow gets struck(approve reject buttons get disabled) there and its not going to the next state(next approver), we have attached the same form how we are getting


Can you people help me to over come this issue


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