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Nintex Form RichText box content is pasting unwanted HTML into another application

My users need to copy rich text content from a Nintex form "edit" enabled box into another application.  The other application generates a letter PDF that faxes.  However when they do so, the HTML characters appear.  Examples of characters are <br><br>, etc.  They tried to paste on a word doc, and then pasting in the application, but it also adds the characters.

I can not use simple text, because the font color is needed to warm the user to edit it.  Spacing and returns are also important.

Any suggestions?  

Note: I tried info path and it works well, however the users are not confined to the square in the form during the copy action, and end up copying the entire form, which is at risk for adding form titles and other unwanted text.  So I prefer to use Nintex.

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