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List Lookup Control - "negative" filter option


at the moment i'm trying to create a kind of training documentation.

There are two lists. List A for all the training clusters (A; B; C, or D) and a second list (List B) with all the trainings courses clustered via Lookup Column to training cluster A; B; C or D.

Due to this a user opens a new item form in List C and selects the relevant training cluster (e.g "A"). Based on this, the training courses (for cluster A) will be added via workflow.

But my problem is, that I want to show the rest of all the training courses (for individuell selection) without showing the training courses which are selected by the selection of the training cluster.

For example if the user selected training cluster B, the control for the additional and individual training course selection should hide all training courses clustered for Cluster B and show all the other training courses for A; C and D.

Do you know any solution for the filter option?

Thank you very much in advance.

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