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Kick the workflow based on field in another workflow

Hi All,


My business requirements:

Developing a HR On-boarding application for a client. I built two lists:

  1. Candidate Application Form / Workflow:

    where candidate fills his name, Social security number, personal email address, expected base salary, date of birth etc.

    There can be many candidates on this list.

    I also used a lookup field (MakeOfferLetterBool) for the Interview Assessment Form which I will explain next.  

  2. Interview Assessment Form / Workflow:
    The HR team checks each candidate which is from the Candidate list.  Candidate job title, joining date etc. and the main part of this form is the recommend employee (Yes, No, KIV).

    I also created a field called “MakeOfferLetter” in this Interview Assessment Form. 

    Now, if recommend employee field is selected by HR, I use the Run If and calls “Start Workflow” to call the   Candidate Application workflow and generate the Offer Letter for the candidate by using: 

    I need to check in my Candidate Application Workflow, if the HR selects the Yes to recommend employee from the Interview Assessment Form, I need to generate an Offer letter workflow.

    Q: How can I achieve this?
    Q: Can you recommend other better solution?  

    Fernando Hunth‌ 
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Re: Kick the workflow based on field in another workflow

If both are a list, the from the Interview Assesment workflow you can create a new item in the other list where you have a extra field to hold the List Item Id of the Interview Assessment item, which then can use as well in the Canditate Application workflow to get info from associatedInterview Assessment.

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