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Is it possible to create multiple list records using nintex form in new mode?

I have one master list (Say Master List) in a central location where guidelines are stored in list format for different project combinations. There are multiple guidelines for a particular combination (50+).

We have individual guideline list (Say Project List) for each project as well.

The requirement is that user be able to select multiple guidelines from a multi-select list and new records get created in the Project List according to the user selection.

We have current functionality where user can select just one guideline to add. Data for that particular item is fetched and saved in that record. Is there any way where I can create multiple records if user selects multiple guidelines from the list. (Multi-select list gets dynamically auto-populate don form load).

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Re: Is it possible to create multiple list records using nintex form in new mode?

Yes, what you are wanting to do is possible. In short, the steps would be to:

  1. Have the form setup and use a repeating section to collect the project/guidelines
  2. Ensure the repeating section is tied to a multi-line text field so you can get the XML data
  3. Create a workflow that will start when the form is submitted and go through the XML data 
    1. Use Query XML action and point it to the multi-line field
    2. For each loop through each node
    3. Use the create new item action to create a new item based on the data from the project/guideline
  4. Finish the workflow and complete the process with other steps as needed.

See this for more details about the overall concept  -

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