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Re: I need to create a workflow that creates an AD account which can also Create the new user account “Like” another account (using another employee as a model for assignments) Assign the user account as a member of Security Groups Creating an Exchange m


I have two recommendations for you.  First, click the spyglass in the upper-right corner of the community (nearly every page), and search for your answer. Dynamic search results will being to pop up, so don't click "return" immediately. If you don't see anything that matches your query and leads to the information you seek, then I encourage you click the "I have the same question" link at the bottom of the question on this page (or any page you find that has a question you also have).  That will send a note to people following the threads of those questions that someone else has the same question and they may revisit to help provide a solution.  Failing that, I encourage you to visit the Learn More​ space, and ask a new question. You may be more likely to get a response than by tagging onto the end of an exiting question.

Below is an image showing the two ways to do that. One is pretty obvious, right in the middle of that page. The other is by clicking "actions" and selecting "discussion" from the drop-down.  Then your question will be added to the queue in the Learn More space.

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