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Get notified when status notes get updated

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I have a requirement: I need to send a email notification when there is value in co-assignee and whenever status notes got updated. 

I have created a workflow like this:

when you click on run if->

and when you click on email notification->

but I have no idea how to trigger only on status notes->so I have triggered on when whole form got modified like below->

Please help me anyone. Thank you in advance.



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Re: Get notified when status notes get updated

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Good use case and the answer is right under your nose :-). Here are the steps you want to use:

  1. Start when items are modified - Conditional
  2. Set the conditions: Status field is not empty.
  3. Alternatively, create a workflow that runs when an item is created and sets the value of the a check field to the value of the status field. This will be used to validate if the workflow should run. If you have these two fields you can then have the start condition check to see if Status is equal to the check field. If the values are the same, then don't start the workflow because nothing has changed. If the value of the status field and the check field is different, then you know the status was modified and the workflow should start. 

Hope that helps.

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