Form has Look Up column which causes user not to be able to open Disp or Edit Form

Hi all,

I have really annoying problem which drives me crazy. I have not been able to find anything about this issue on internet..

I have a Nintex Form in master list. The form has a look up column in it from that master (it is required field) list which fetches data from another, lets call it slave list.

Users have permissions as follows:

  1. Master list
    • for item creation they have customized permission level which allows them just to create and view items. The permission inheritance is turned on at this point on the item
    • after item is rejected or approved (workflow on the list reqesting approval), they get permissions to also update or delete their rejected item. At this point item has unique permissions (set by WF) to custom permission level allowing this
  2. Slave list
    • Users have read access to this list in order to be able to access items data when creating an item in master list. The permission inheritance is turned on on this list

Now, the user is normaly able to create item, he sees all avalilable options in the lookup column and can select any of those. User saves the item. WF starts, runs, everything is fine.

However when user then tries to open the Disp or Edit form from the link he receives in the WF notification, after the permission on the item has been changed bz WF action. He gets the following error

Me as a site collection admin can open all items in all form modes normally.

After some lenghty troubleshooting I found out that this is caused by the lookup column in the form. If I remove it, the users can open the form in Disp/Edit normaly!

When I remove the Nintex form altogether and try this in SP out of the box form then all works fine!

I tried the following of which nothing helped:

  • increase permissions on the slave list all the way to full control for the users
  • create a new slave list with some dummy data in it, removed the old lookup column from the master list and Nintex form. Created a new look up column in the master list pointing to the new slave list. Put this new column into the Nintex form. Repeat the process.

I am attaching the uls logs from the correlation id from the error message but as far as I can tell there is noting of value there but I can be wrong of course.

Anyone ever had this problem?

I´d be very happy for any kinda pointers here.


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Re: Form has Look Up column which causes user not to be able to open Disp or Edit Form

Have you found a fix for this?

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