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Email Notification Formatting Issues with Field References

I am having issues with email notifications that include references to dynamic text. I've read through many posts about using tables for formatting, which works fine for the text in the actual email notification. But when I insert a reference to a text field, the formatting from the field isn't respected.

For example, I have a "multiple lines fo text" field (set to Rich text) in my SharePoint list called "Scope". Here is an example of the field filled out on the SharePoint list item:

But in the email notification in which the Scope field is referenced, it looks like this:

In addition to not respecting the formatting (e.g., numbering, font, etc.), occassionally spaces will be removed, which makes it look unprofessional, as shown below.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm receiving pressure from my boss to make these email notifications more professional looking. Thank you in advance!

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